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The British legend, MG Motors, with more than 90 years of history in European and global market is now here in Nepal. It would be unfair not to mention its popularity among British Aristocrats and celebrities world wide, and has been considered to be one of the well-engineered as well as well crafted automobile with such a long history in the sector.

It has 5 state-of-art production and assembly units across the world, from Luxemberg to Thailand, making its upcoming unit in India with 400 crores of investement its 6th and most anticipated one, especially in South Asian market. The new range of MG models, that have been designed and engineered at our site in Longbridge, Birmingham, include the MG GS and MG ZS.

In 2017, MG launched the MG ZS, the brand new compact-SUV which marks an exciting new era of the iconic company. The MG ZS comes with an industry leading fully-manufacturer backed, transferable 2 year/60,000-kilometers warranty. With strong financial backing and a bright future, MG is ready to write the most exciting chapter in what is already a very colourful story.

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